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  • Large lounge and games room
Brotkorb neuleutasch-radtour leutaschbad_kneippbecken leutaschbad_kneippen leutaschbad_liegeraum leutaschbad_massagen leutaschbad_saunaweg
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free use for the hole piste of crosscountry - bread delivery straigth in front fo your front door
Free W-Lan Internet connection within the whole house - Chance of laundry on inquiry
Vacuum cleaner, cleaning utilities - Free bicycles for small trips or shopping business
Free sledge / toboggan rental - Skiwaxing room - Large parking place
During summer season: free entry in our beautiful “Alpenbad” with a giant slide and generous lawn - Free beds in child size and highchairs on demand - Large dwelling- and playroom
Large lawn and children`s playground (swing, sandbox)
Grander – Wasser: this animated, healthy water runs in the whole house


Large lounge and games room